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Getting to where you want to go with ease

There are times when you need a bit of a boost when you’re out riding. So let me introduce Weave e-bikes, which are battery powered and allow you to ride naturally with power when you need absolutely nothing else.

The most comfortable riding position

The most mature natural comfortable riding position for an electric bike rider is the upright bike. Any other bike riding position will force your spine, neck and wrists out of their natural position, which is why mature riders move towards upright electric bikes like the Weave.

Weave City Ebike Front

There’s a smarter way to riding a bike

Riding a bike is natural only you know if you would love to be riding on a Weave electric bike! Riding into the future don’t get left behind.


Hate sitting around

Any place, any time, anywhere when you’re riding on a Weave!
Still the most effective way to get from A to B right now.



An increasingly popular E-bike for the keen power riders, it’s not surprising that the City and Sport E-bikes have become such a massive success throughout the UK.


Amazing better way to save your energy and get where you’re going easier.


Moving Forward

Positioned as the “ultimate e-bikes,”the Weave City and Sport boasts battery power on demand to make riding so much easier.


Weave Promise

Weave believes electric bikes should be a major form of transport.Weave makes this possible through technology and innovation, with shoppers to easily order online. Committed to our customers Weave is reinventing the way people shop for electric bikes online from ordering to final payment on delivery.


Everybody is talking

Excellent service received my scooter within 3 days it’s so much fun.


This is a great scooter. Jamie answered my questions professionally a good company to deal with, recommend them.

J San

Absolutely brilliant scooter, fast delivery and great customer service, would highly recommend.


This is a very fast scooter and easy to use, it had a charge so used it straight from the box for a day. Put on charge only took a little while to be fully charged. Friends always want to have a go, keep telling them to get their own!


Very impressed with the scooter quality, delivery times and communication have been excellent. Would definitely recommend if looking for a day to day scooter.


Super fast ordering and delivery Having to cancel my order for a ninebot scooter because it was four weeks late & couldn’t give me a delivery date, I ordered from Weave Electric and had the scooter delivered next day. My daughter loves her new scooter.