Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s are some frequently asked questions about the Weave electric bikes and scooters.



Why do people go for a rear-wheel-drive motor on an electric bike?

A rear hub motor on an electric bike is more affordable and lighter in weight.

How long to charge the battery on an electric bike?

It takes approximately 3-5 hours but this depends on the state of the battery.

How do you turn the battery on/off on an electric bike?

On the control panel there is a power switch on/off which will control the whole system.

Is the battery waterproof?

In the UK we have a lot of different weather conditions and one is excessive rain, which is why we have made the battery waterproof to match these weather conditions.

Is the battery protected against theft?

All of the Weave batteries on our electric bikes are lockable and come with dual keys to unlock.

If i pedal will it charge the battery?

No. But you do have a little amount of energy created back to the battery.

Can I buy a replacement battery?

Yes you can order online or from one of our dealers.

What is the warranty on a Weave electric bike?

The warranty on a Weave electric bike is for 2 years.

Do you need a license to ride an electric bike?

Within the UK electric pedal assist bikes do not require a licence/registration to ride. Northern Ireland, is still awaiting confirmation.


Where is Weave located?

Weave electric scooters are based in Bristol U.K.

What do I do if I have a problem with my Weave electric scooter?

If you’re unfortunate to have a fault or having trouble with your Weave electric scooter please contact us by email at: with your name address and order number with a brief description of the issue. One of our customers service team will get back to you within 48 hours to resolve your issue.

What age do I need to be to ride a Weave adult electric scooter?

To ride an adult electric scooter we do recommend that all riders are at least 16 years of age.

Can you ride the Weave electric scooter in the rain?

The simple answer is yes you can ride the Weave electric scooter in the rain. To verify this all you need to do is watch the Weave water protection demonstration in our video.

Weave electric scooters repairs and service?

Your Weave electric scooter may need some maintenance from time to time. Please contact our customer service team for help.

Charging your Weave electric scooter?

All our electric scooters are provided with charging units which turn off when fully charged.

What is the Weave mileage range?

21 miles / 35 km. Based on factory testing with a 75kg / 12st rider, on a reasonably flat and stable surface.

With maximum climbing range with out loss of power of 20 degrees incline.

How do I pay for my Weave electric scooter?

Weave electric scooters accept most major credit-debit cards. If you are having trouble with please contact us on 0117 2510 311

Can I spread the cost?

We offer easy ways to pay over 3 months. No interest. No fees.

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Where do you deliver and how?

At present Weave electric scooters are delivered throughout the UK and Ireland. All delivered by courier with secure tracking facility for you to monitor delivery. Every Weave electric scooter has to be signed for.


I wish to cancel my Weave order?

If you wish to cancel your Weave order, please contact the customer service team immediately at:

If you’re order is in transit to you or you have received your Weave products a returns form is required to process the return, one of our customer service team will help organise the complete process.

Faulty or damaged Weave electric scooter

If your Weave electric scooter arrived damaged or faulty you have 14 days on delivery receipt to notify our customers support team will asses to arrange repair, replacement or refund, which can be done by you contacting:

If you just changed your mind at Weave we are proud to have a 14 day satisfaction return policy in place for this. Please note all products on return has to be as ‘new’ in original packaging.

Weave electric scooters warranty?

Our Weave electric scooter are covered by a 12 month manufacturers warranty. Wear and tear or damage caused by misuse is not covered.